Future of Social Work: International Perspectives

Online Seminar on Future of Social Work:

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Global Institute of Social Work presents the Online Seminar: “Future of Social Work: International Perspectives”, launched on 23 November 2018, in commemoration of the 5th Anniversary of GISW.

This seminar features presentations by invited international speakers, in different languages, on the topic “Future of Social Work”. They discuss what they see as the trend for social work practice and training for their part of the world, the challenges facing society and social work in the next decades. "What are the priority focus areas and key strategies in social work practice, research and training?" These and other important issues are deliberated by our distinguished speakers.
I: First section: The Future is Upon Us:
Professor TAN Ngoh Tiong speaks on the need to stay current as the future is upon us and then Dr Marla Stuart presents the case of mining big data for social work advantage, in a technological world.

II Second section: Future of of Social Work: International Perspectives:
Professor Annamaria kicks off this section with a global view of social work practice and education and also David Niven discussed the role of media and the state of social work today.

III Future of SW: Global and Regional Views:
Dr Gidraph Wairire, shares his views on the future of social work and speaks on the trends of social work and the training of social workers in Kenya and the African region and Professor Junko Wake, shares about Japanese social work in the global era and the Future of Social Work while Terry Bamford provided insightful reflections on the changes and perspectives showed the need for social work to be relevant and progressive.

IV Country's Perspectives:
In the various countries represented were firstly Malaysia and then Thailand, where the social work history is on record more than half a century old. The challenges of social work then at the start are still felt as real today and plans to move into the future are still uncertain.Other countries will be added as the seminar progresses.

V Final Section: The Symposium Next Year

The final segment of the Online Seminar presents the GISW Symposium scheduled for Jan 17th, 2019 where the Guest of Honour gives us a peek into her keynote address on the "People as Asset: Social Work Perspectives" on the topic: Social Capital in a Digital Era. Social capital should translate to building of the people asset.

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